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Friday, January 29, 2010

Love Token 43 - Express Yourself

I was in yoga class on Wednesday night and the theme was "Expression" and it was a beautiful class that really reflected on no matter how far you can go in a pose it is your own individual expression of it and that in itself is beautiful.

Life is just functional without creativity and expression. Without those elements you would just exist and therefore the meaning to your life your existential footprint would be the same as the peers around you.

Embrace yourself, your identity, your creative outlets and most of all, how you choose to express yourself in the life you lead, every single day. I know I am making an effort to do so.

I will end on a wonderful folk story my yoga instructor started the class with:

A monk was begging on the street for money when a wealthy merchant walked by him and gave him some money.
The next day the merchant happened to walk by the monk and noticed that in his left hand the monk was holding a loaf of bread and in the right a bouquet flowers.
Furious the merchant stated, “Why would you spend your money on such frivolous things?”
The monk replied, “I buy the loaf of bread to live, and the flowers to make life worth living


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