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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Love Token 35 - Post Holiday Revelations

Another holiday season has passed and another year's chapter has closed.

The time to reflect and get misty eyed, bashful, regretful, nostalgic and excited for the unknown tend to float through the minds of people at this time of year.

I hope everyone gave love and received love throughout the holidays and started the new year of 2010 feeling fulfilled from past decisions and experiences.

I had a good holiday break, I treated myself to great encounteres with loved ones, wonderful cuisine, much needed sleep and allowing my brain to just exist in a state of a contented plataeu.

New Years Eve is my favourite holiday.

It is a time to celebrate the old and embrace the new - and the great thing about it is that no matter who you are, what you do, where you are or how you are feeling, everyone is capable of doing this and has the right do so, no matter what sex, creed or religion you are.

So when the clock strikes midnight I do an internal happy dance that "yay I survived another year" healthy and happy - because life is a gift, and it just depends on how you choose to use that gift that determines your path.

When the clock strikes 12:01 am, I take my leap of faith into the new year and hope that it brings me and my loved ones nothing but love, happiness and health.

Throughout the years I have morphed resolutions into mantras. Let's just say instead of micro I go macro. How do I want my life to be led for the next years to come in terms of my state of mind?

For example the year of 2006 my mantra was

"In difficult times, there lies opportunity" Albert Einstien

So no matter, what "not so enjoyable" things happened during that year, I would plow through and look for the positives.

2009 was:

Peace Love and Happiness (simple yet quite a task in our cynical world)

But now I think I want to go even higher than mantra's and morph my new year's into "revalations"

To reflect on my previous years state of mind and how I can grow from them, what can "be revealed that was not previously known or realized"

Interesting concept....

This came to me on my first night back to Yoga on Monday evening. No one showed up for class, so I ended up getting a private from a brand new instructor who showed me a new form of Yoga, Anusara. She themed the session as "resolutions"...and as I was enduring the many painful arm balances she instructed me in... I had a revelation...through the pain of new yoga I saw the light...or maybe just stars from lack of blood flow..but still...

Anusara is about embracing yourself, mind and body to a high state of openess and adding more beauty, love and goodness to the world no matter what physical/mental contraints exist...(of course through hard work and much sweat, the mind is stubborn to the body sometimes)

Before I get to yogi la la ... let me put it simply my relevation was not answering my own life mysteries of the world or anything "new" per se, it was the mere fact of ensuring I spread positivity, beauty and goodness into "my" world which affects "your" world which ends up being "our" world.

So therefore throughout my life I want to ensure I am always making an effort to be useful and not useless (a phrase from my wonderful Aunt Nancy) - and  with that respect I am positively contributing to myself, my family and my community as much as possible.

Baby steps --- but I think this is a growing step into the love me do concept and therefore a revelation for the next chapter of 2010...

So here is to my mind, body and soul and as well to yours on our exciting path for new year, whether you opt for resolution, mantra or revelation

Hold on to your hats, becauase I am sure there will be some bumps along the way!



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