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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love Token 84 - Books Are My Dearest Friends

I have a list of favourite books starting from a wee tot to my current age of 29.
I do not have an "all-time" favourite book - but favourite books based on certain years of my life.

0-5 years (ish)
Hand, Hand, Fingers Thumb
By: Al Perkins
I loved the repitition, rhyming and counting in this book as a child

5-12 years (ish)
The Scarlet Castle
By: Maurice B. Cooke
I found this book downtown T.O in a used book store on an outing with my parents.
I loved the fantasy element of it.
I am glad I got a copy as this was (I think) the only book the author published.


12-15 years (ish)
The Thief of Always
By: Clive Barker
I read this book while I was on vacation with my parents in Jamaica and I loved the fantasy and horror behind it
This was during my horror phase (which I still love!)

15-26 (ish) years
The Power of One
By: Bryce Courtenay
Oddly enough I fell in love with the movie first, then decided to read the book and then decided to use it as an assignment in one of my highschool classes.
This novel kick-started my love affairs with epics.
The message to rise against no matter what odds are racked against you is a constant motivator in my life.
This book is very dear to me and was a strong contender until my mid twenties. 

26-27 (ish years)
By: Will Ferguson
Through my book club my dear friend Marjorie selected this book and I was on a new love affair with this storyline and the author's writing style.
The satire, wit and pure genius behind this book puts a smile on my face.
It stood out and that's when I know it's a keeper in my heart.

27-29 years
My Year of Meats
By: Ruth Ozeki
Another book introduced via book club, this time from my dear friend Robyn.
Robyn is a fellow book lover and she read this gem in one of her Uni English classes and it became a top contender in her all time favs.
I completely trust her reccomendations - while we do not always love the same books... I was blown away with this one.
I would love to be Ruth's friend - that is how much I loved this book. 
It was the first book that I after I finished I wanted to start at page 1 again.
Plus, I started reading it during a time when I was looking more into the backworkings of the food industry and really interested in how our food is currently being produced.
So the timing, the writing and the message were bang on.
I love this book and it is the last book I have read that has impacted me to a level where I can say it is my favourite book during my "late twenties" chapter in my life.

While many other books have touched me and I have a strong love affair with them - these are my cream of the crop.
 The most memorable and/or impactful.

Thinking about this today, I closed my eyes and pictured myself taking a nap between all my lovely books.
Bookworm For Life!!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Treatment of Humankind

Get involved.
Look at the deeper underlying issues.
Realize finger pointing and name blaming is not the solution to the epidemic of "bullying".
Remember the age old adage "it takes a village to raise a child"
Bring back the sense of community in all its entities 

Recognize that love is louder 
Integrity and respect are stronger.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love Token 83: Taking the Scenic Route

One step
Two step
Three step

My wonderful man has been getting more work which means less lifts to campus and more opportunities to take the bus.

Sunny mornings in Victoria BC are beautiful, the way the clouds scatter the sky and the sun kisses the island makes it hard to not want to jump out of bed and be thankful for another day.

I think the greatest part of my recent bus rides to work is getting on campus and looking around on a clear sunny day and seeing my presence is traced by the beautiful etchings of glorious mountains in the distance.

I love that I now live in a place where I can see ocean and mountains combined.

And while yes money is tight, I am happy to know what satisfies my soul has no $ amount tacked to it.

It puts a little extra bounce in my step, a brighter smile on my face and a feeling of content in my heart.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Anthropologie Is Stalking Me In The Mail

Today I received the new Anthropologie catalog in the mail. 

Really do not recall signing up for it - since I am poor and Anthropologie is for the rich and their trust fund babies. 

But sigh, I love that store - and holy hannah this new catalogue is incredible!

I want every single outfit

Share in this glory with me - at the very least as clothing eye candy.

Hopefully I can thrift shop some similar "less hurting on the wallet" concept outfits. 



PS. Love their non-stereotypical beauty queen models! 

The 11th Hour

What if we choose to eradicate ourselves from this Earth, by whatever means? 
The Earth goes nowehere
And in time, it will regenerate, and all the lakes will be pristine. 
The rivers, the waters, the mountains, everything will be green again. It'll be peaceful. 
There may not be people, but the Earth will regenerate. 
And you know why? 
Because the Earth has all the time in the world and we don't
So I think that's where we're at, right now. 
-Oren Lyons, The 11th Hour

Love Token 82 - Docu-Do's!

Happy Monday Blogettes!

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend, spent it with positive presences and told at least one person that you loved them.

I have been doing my homework for the upcoming 83rd Academy Awards on February, 27th.

I usually make sure to watch all the nominees for Best Movie and Best Documentary and anything else that strikes my interest.

I have been able to watch 3/5 of the documentary nominees and let me tell you, they all moved me for different reasons:

One to heartbreaking tears
One to gutwrenching fright
One to frustration & dissapointment

I do not want to caste any perception for you, or paint the picture on your behalf.

Let me merely suggest you watch them for yourself and let the impact unfold on its own.

But they all have a common theme of where the cause of each demise stems from.

So where was the token of love in this?

Well, I love me a good documentary and I loved each one of these very much so, just as much as The CoveThe 11th Hour and  Food Inc.

I completely agreed with the point of views for each of these documentaries...which may or may not be the case for others.

However painful and hard they were to watch, I was informed... now what I choose to do with this information is what empowers the viewers to act; to make choices slightly differently; to not follow but lead.

Each docu showed the impact of the human condition and what that looks like when manipulated and "sold" for a price.

I could ramble on and on - but like I mentioned - you be the judge:

It is a matter for the heart and mind...


Friday, February 18, 2011

Love Token 81 - Lunch Break Equation

Today's love token was a full mind, body and soul equation.

Heart & Body
10 minute walk to Tuscany Village
Mind & Soul
"Hi, I will have a tall non-fat light whip peppermint mocha please"
Peppermint Mocha all year round is beyond a token it is a gift!
Heart & Body
10 minute walk back to UVic
Heart & Soul
Soundtrack by the likings of:
Jackson 5
Mumford & Sons
Dixie Chicks
Gavin DeGraw
Regina Spektor
Ingrid Michaelson
Cee Lo Green
Taylor Swift

How did your lunch break add up today?


Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Love Bar

Where everyone should set their bar of standards for receiving love...

"I love you more than songs can say..."
                            -John Mayer


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love Token 80 - Passion

To have passion for life is to fully live.

What triggers our passion, what inspires us to invest in particular interests, hobbies, lifestyle?

The word passion danced ever so lightly on my brain this morning.

I love when I see a human being be fully passionate towards something.
That to me it is inspiring, it makes me want to re-look at my life and see if I am fully pursuing my passions and is a beautiful reminder to keep moving forward, to keep adding substance to this journey, to keep being present, to keep enjoying life.

Where did this train of thought ignite from on my lovely bus ride to work along the east coast of Victoria, BC?

Well ...two musical entities that are new to my libraby of lyrical delights:

1. Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More

They have been on my backburner of recent artists that I have been enjoying.
It has been a slow love affair but it has come into full fruition.
I think the catalyst was watching this band at the Grammy's - they were so "passionate" and such raw, true musical wonders.
Plus their omage to "O Brother Where Art Thou" outfits rocked!
This performance was what saved me from throwing a potato at my TV screen after the ridiculous theatrics of Lady Gaga - who seems ever so lately to care more about showboating and ego then about the "music"
(I do not even "not like" Gaga - maybe we have just grown apart)
Anywhoo - I think that could be a whole other topic...

...Back to the lovely Mumford & Sons

When I think of the under and over tones of this band I think Celtic/Folk/Hiillbilly collision of musical genius. To be honest, if you separated those music genres I really am only partial to Folk.
But the way they execute their album is so fresh and moving.
Yes that is what it was - I was moved by their performance and that was exciting to me...because it is not an everyday thing, and I love that.

I love how they constantly inter-change instruments throughout their performances - because it is not primarily about "them" but about their "music" - how refreshing.

2. Cee Lo Green: The Lady Killer
Another performance that evoked a different type of passion.
I love how Cee Lo doesn't give a "stick" about what the industry compels him to write, play or wear - he is passionate about his music and is passionate about having fun with it - keeping it light - not trying to be the symbol of music but a contributing factor.
I mean fair enough to say - you have Cee Lo Green's outfit ...

...and Lady Gaga's outfit (one of many "after" she hatched from her egg...)...

...both so extravagent but for different reasons.

Cee Lo doesn't take himself too seriously, Gaga does.
We get it "you were born that way" - now lighten up!

Cee Lo Green just rubs me a better way - I find him trying "less" hard to stand out and be something different - he is not constantly shouting from the roof tops
" I am different, look at me - hey look at me!!!" he is just - well, present!
(Man, how did this turn into a slight hate-on for Gaga?! - oh well - organic thought - I will leave it as be)
Either way his latest album is a hoot (yup a hoot) and his latest single is just icing on the fabulous cake of
The Lady Killer

So the love token this am - was feeling inspired to keep being passionate about life and it was triggered by these two gems above for completely different reasons.
So thank you to these musical treats and also a "must do for you" - if you want ;)

What moved you today?
What inspired you today?
I hope your day inspires and moves you to keep living a full and passionate life.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Musical Philosophy

Something fun to check out and see if any of your favourite artists are on the posters.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Token 79: A breath of freshness

A take a big inhale... as I pluck another basil leaf off my plant. 

I love the smell of fresh basil. 

I love the smell of fresh.


Love Token 78 - A Day That Focuses on Hearts and Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love a day that loves and encourages LOVE. it THAT awful folks? ;)

I don't care about the greedy goblins trying to make money off it - what is new really...that is every day!
I just love that in a world constantly faced with hardship and sadness there is a focused effort on the symbol of love.

Whether the concept of the day is genuine or is offered to us for the taking and how we interpret it and use it, is of our own desires.

No one is forcing us into Hallmark to purchase big candy hearts and love grams :)

Let's focus on what it can really be about...if you want...caring, compassion, kindness, compliments, love...
Whether a hug today is a little tighter, a kiss a little longer or a simple statement of "you know I really love you".

It is a day that encourages and reminds us that as the days escape us and the routines can make life a little mundane - a little fresh pick me up of affection and love - can really brighten a day.

So jump up and down and have fun with a day of love, so we can just for a moment not focus on the oh too many days of hate, greed, violence and destruction. 

For those out there - you know who you are - you are the greatest most priceless gift I have ever received and hey - I LOVE YA!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Token 77: Saturday Morning Starts

It is widely known, how you start your morning shapes the rest of your day. 
My love token this morning was what I selected to start my morning off with. 

1. Dixie Chicks - Taking The Long Way Home Album

I love the Dixie Chicks. 
Their strong sense of self, their belief to rise against and the genuine emotion that is captured in their music.

Children lose their youth too soon

Watching war made us immune
And I've got all the world to lose
But I just want to hold on to the

Easy silence that you make for me
It's okay when there's nothing more to say to me
And the peaceful quiet you create for me
And the way you keep the world at bay for me
 - Easy Silence, TDC

2. Vanity Fair Magazine 
This is one of my favourite magazines. It has such thought provoking well written, non-preachy articles. My mind always spins into worldly thoughts after I put down a good read from VF - which I love and appreciate.

3. Home Brewed Coffee
I just got  a coffee machine last month and I am really enjoying the convenience and fun of waking up to the smell of lovely java

All three combined equals a great kick start to a relaxing and lovely Saturday and an amazing love token.

How did you start your day today?


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reminds Me How Much I Love This Book

Have you read "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" by Jonathan Safran Foer?

If not, you should - it is great! Read it about a year ago and the quote above is reminding me how much I enjoyed it.



You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection