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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love Token 84 - Books Are My Dearest Friends

I have a list of favourite books starting from a wee tot to my current age of 29.
I do not have an "all-time" favourite book - but favourite books based on certain years of my life.

0-5 years (ish)
Hand, Hand, Fingers Thumb
By: Al Perkins
I loved the repitition, rhyming and counting in this book as a child

5-12 years (ish)
The Scarlet Castle
By: Maurice B. Cooke
I found this book downtown T.O in a used book store on an outing with my parents.
I loved the fantasy element of it.
I am glad I got a copy as this was (I think) the only book the author published.


12-15 years (ish)
The Thief of Always
By: Clive Barker
I read this book while I was on vacation with my parents in Jamaica and I loved the fantasy and horror behind it
This was during my horror phase (which I still love!)

15-26 (ish) years
The Power of One
By: Bryce Courtenay
Oddly enough I fell in love with the movie first, then decided to read the book and then decided to use it as an assignment in one of my highschool classes.
This novel kick-started my love affairs with epics.
The message to rise against no matter what odds are racked against you is a constant motivator in my life.
This book is very dear to me and was a strong contender until my mid twenties. 

26-27 (ish years)
By: Will Ferguson
Through my book club my dear friend Marjorie selected this book and I was on a new love affair with this storyline and the author's writing style.
The satire, wit and pure genius behind this book puts a smile on my face.
It stood out and that's when I know it's a keeper in my heart.

27-29 years
My Year of Meats
By: Ruth Ozeki
Another book introduced via book club, this time from my dear friend Robyn.
Robyn is a fellow book lover and she read this gem in one of her Uni English classes and it became a top contender in her all time favs.
I completely trust her reccomendations - while we do not always love the same books... I was blown away with this one.
I would love to be Ruth's friend - that is how much I loved this book. 
It was the first book that I after I finished I wanted to start at page 1 again.
Plus, I started reading it during a time when I was looking more into the backworkings of the food industry and really interested in how our food is currently being produced.
So the timing, the writing and the message were bang on.
I love this book and it is the last book I have read that has impacted me to a level where I can say it is my favourite book during my "late twenties" chapter in my life.

While many other books have touched me and I have a strong love affair with them - these are my cream of the crop.
 The most memorable and/or impactful.

Thinking about this today, I closed my eyes and pictured myself taking a nap between all my lovely books.
Bookworm For Life!!


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