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Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Token 78 - A Day That Focuses on Hearts and Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love a day that loves and encourages LOVE. it THAT awful folks? ;)

I don't care about the greedy goblins trying to make money off it - what is new really...that is every day!
I just love that in a world constantly faced with hardship and sadness there is a focused effort on the symbol of love.

Whether the concept of the day is genuine or is offered to us for the taking and how we interpret it and use it, is of our own desires.

No one is forcing us into Hallmark to purchase big candy hearts and love grams :)

Let's focus on what it can really be about...if you want...caring, compassion, kindness, compliments, love...
Whether a hug today is a little tighter, a kiss a little longer or a simple statement of "you know I really love you".

It is a day that encourages and reminds us that as the days escape us and the routines can make life a little mundane - a little fresh pick me up of affection and love - can really brighten a day.

So jump up and down and have fun with a day of love, so we can just for a moment not focus on the oh too many days of hate, greed, violence and destruction. 

For those out there - you know who you are - you are the greatest most priceless gift I have ever received and hey - I LOVE YA!

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