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Monday, February 21, 2011

Love Token 82 - Docu-Do's!

Happy Monday Blogettes!

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend, spent it with positive presences and told at least one person that you loved them.

I have been doing my homework for the upcoming 83rd Academy Awards on February, 27th.

I usually make sure to watch all the nominees for Best Movie and Best Documentary and anything else that strikes my interest.

I have been able to watch 3/5 of the documentary nominees and let me tell you, they all moved me for different reasons:

One to heartbreaking tears
One to gutwrenching fright
One to frustration & dissapointment

I do not want to caste any perception for you, or paint the picture on your behalf.

Let me merely suggest you watch them for yourself and let the impact unfold on its own.

But they all have a common theme of where the cause of each demise stems from.

So where was the token of love in this?

Well, I love me a good documentary and I loved each one of these very much so, just as much as The CoveThe 11th Hour and  Food Inc.

I completely agreed with the point of views for each of these documentaries...which may or may not be the case for others.

However painful and hard they were to watch, I was informed... now what I choose to do with this information is what empowers the viewers to act; to make choices slightly differently; to not follow but lead.

Each docu showed the impact of the human condition and what that looks like when manipulated and "sold" for a price.

I could ramble on and on - but like I mentioned - you be the judge:

It is a matter for the heart and mind...


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