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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love Token 80 - Passion

To have passion for life is to fully live.

What triggers our passion, what inspires us to invest in particular interests, hobbies, lifestyle?

The word passion danced ever so lightly on my brain this morning.

I love when I see a human being be fully passionate towards something.
That to me it is inspiring, it makes me want to re-look at my life and see if I am fully pursuing my passions and is a beautiful reminder to keep moving forward, to keep adding substance to this journey, to keep being present, to keep enjoying life.

Where did this train of thought ignite from on my lovely bus ride to work along the east coast of Victoria, BC?

Well ...two musical entities that are new to my libraby of lyrical delights:

1. Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More

They have been on my backburner of recent artists that I have been enjoying.
It has been a slow love affair but it has come into full fruition.
I think the catalyst was watching this band at the Grammy's - they were so "passionate" and such raw, true musical wonders.
Plus their omage to "O Brother Where Art Thou" outfits rocked!
This performance was what saved me from throwing a potato at my TV screen after the ridiculous theatrics of Lady Gaga - who seems ever so lately to care more about showboating and ego then about the "music"
(I do not even "not like" Gaga - maybe we have just grown apart)
Anywhoo - I think that could be a whole other topic...

...Back to the lovely Mumford & Sons

When I think of the under and over tones of this band I think Celtic/Folk/Hiillbilly collision of musical genius. To be honest, if you separated those music genres I really am only partial to Folk.
But the way they execute their album is so fresh and moving.
Yes that is what it was - I was moved by their performance and that was exciting to me...because it is not an everyday thing, and I love that.

I love how they constantly inter-change instruments throughout their performances - because it is not primarily about "them" but about their "music" - how refreshing.

2. Cee Lo Green: The Lady Killer
Another performance that evoked a different type of passion.
I love how Cee Lo doesn't give a "stick" about what the industry compels him to write, play or wear - he is passionate about his music and is passionate about having fun with it - keeping it light - not trying to be the symbol of music but a contributing factor.
I mean fair enough to say - you have Cee Lo Green's outfit ...

...and Lady Gaga's outfit (one of many "after" she hatched from her egg...)...

...both so extravagent but for different reasons.

Cee Lo doesn't take himself too seriously, Gaga does.
We get it "you were born that way" - now lighten up!

Cee Lo Green just rubs me a better way - I find him trying "less" hard to stand out and be something different - he is not constantly shouting from the roof tops
" I am different, look at me - hey look at me!!!" he is just - well, present!
(Man, how did this turn into a slight hate-on for Gaga?! - oh well - organic thought - I will leave it as be)
Either way his latest album is a hoot (yup a hoot) and his latest single is just icing on the fabulous cake of
The Lady Killer

So the love token this am - was feeling inspired to keep being passionate about life and it was triggered by these two gems above for completely different reasons.
So thank you to these musical treats and also a "must do for you" - if you want ;)

What moved you today?
What inspired you today?
I hope your day inspires and moves you to keep living a full and passionate life.


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  1. thanks for this post mel! with school, work, and moving, i've been super stressed. and seriously, i have never been stressed. thanks for reminding me to keep it real and keep moving forward. i've been meaning to buy both these albums too! glad to hear they are worth it when i finally buy them!



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