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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love Token 41 - FCUK, Hot Rollers, Martha Stewart and RENT

Now who would have thought the four above items would ever be combined together. But that is an excact description of my little love tokens and how it maps out my day.

I am LOVING the latest jewellery by French Connection and loving even more that it is on sale right now. Just really great impact pieces - go check it out. Today I wore my fun new FCUK necklace with a plain black dress to work and I love it - it is my focal point... I have received great feedback on it as well - which is always warm to hear :)
The picture does not do it justice....


Seriously one of the best purchases I have made - like I mentioned earlier I am bored and ansy with the Winter blahs - so I hot rollered my hair for work today, because if you are bored you may as well be bored and look good....or so Matt says!


She is the only person that puts out a timeless wedding magazine and therefore I will succumb to her empire and consistently invest in her wedding magazines, because they are classy and creative.


Toronto is fortunate enough to get a small run of the broadway musical RENT. I loved the movie and I cannot wait tonight to see it live in it's glory with two original castmates


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