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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Love Token 36 - Cheapy Cheapy

Oh the price tag, oh the orange price tag sticker on top of the original and your tempting ways.

On Friday after work I was riding high on my TGIF mood and waiting to get in touch with Sarah to go out for some much deserved dinner and drinks....but alas Sarah was not getting back to me, and to save a trip all the way back downtown, I wandered along Yonge & Bloor....

I was sucked in to the oh so tempting "orange sale stickers" on already fairly reasonable priced items of clothing. So yes, I indulged... but no buyers remorese kicked in because it was such a good deal.
There is nothing better than feeling like you "damned the man" a little and beat the system slightly and they still had your size...

So I love tokened myself with a few bits and bobs of clothing and accessories and as I was wondering how I would kill time phone finally rang.


I guess it is all based on perception.

Either way it ended up being a great Friday.


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