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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Singing from the same song book

If you do not follow Jason Mraz's blog this is another must do for you.
We have like thoughts, beliefs and opinions on life - so for me not only is he an inspiring artist, but an inspiring being of the human condition.

For example take his New Year's blog entry that I just stumbled across -- incredible.


I watched my clip from Sesame Street on YouTube after it aired on Christmas Eve and read a comment along the lines of “Why is this dude so happy?” I laughed knowing I’m not the happiest guy in the world but appear to be so. And then I pat myself on the back for the work I do to choose love and lightheartedness as a way of being.

While we live abundantly in these United States, there are lands beyond our seas that share the same air, resources, love and fears that all humans have the capacity to experience.

In January of 2009, I traveled to Peru with Artist/Activist Jon Marro, founder of Part of our journey included a 4 day walk to Macchu Picchu. With us was, Adrean, our fearless Indiana Jones'esque Spiritual Guide who performed ceremonies for Protection and Peace to heighten our awareness of the energy that connects us all. This video is my playful version of James Cameron's Avatar. Listen closely to what Adrean tells us about being brothers living on the body of our mother earth who IS ALIVE. Pause the film on the Polaroid as it reveals quite possibly, the spirits known as "the Apus," the ancestors who abide by our prayers. The picture shows a golden light beaming from our hearts and hovering over our heads. To me, it is the obvious - Love is All Around and We Are All Connected.

We CAN all operate on the same far-out frequency by practicing gratitude - the art of saying thank you for Everything. You can also get there by acknowledging the people in your life. This is a form of sharing the beauty about someone even if the beauty or gift you share about that person isn’t yet evidence based. Your saluting someone for doing big things allows that person to feel themselves as being “up to big things” and spins that person’s life in a whole new direction.

Also, Take the time to acknowledge yourself. Get in touch with equal parts Mind, Body and Soul. By waking up one hour earlier you can date yourself even before your day begins. For example, you could spend 20 minutes calming the mind in meditation, 20 minutes stretching or running or twisting or jumping, and 20 minutes reading or writing – funneling your thoughts into soulful action.

Being mindful of your own thoughts and actions, whether your being generous or gossipy, will dictate your state of grace, your ability to swiftly experience joy and abundance in your life or not.

Be a role model too. I grew up hearing racial slurs of all calibers from the mouths of young and old. Careless remarks like these get handed down to children confusing them into thinking they are separate from others. We can end centuries of being enemies with each other by realizing the true value of our existence and speaking nicely or not speaking at all.

I’d like to acknowledge my Step-Dad, Doodie, for saying, “Its one thing to be an idiot. It’s another thing to open your mouth and prove it.”

This year, I resolve to Be Love, to be Fulfilled in Every Now Moment, to strengthen the telling of my appreciation for others, and to make a kick ass new record in the process, inspiring others to be up to big things. This year, You Rule and I bow in your Gracious Presence, Child of Earth, Brother and Sister of Mine.


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