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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love Token 53 - Family Love

This past weekend was a lot of family quality time. 

I went to visit my dad's sister/aunt at her cottage in Haliburton, to give winter one last shot as my aunt was convinced I could possible have a change of heart. While my heart did not necessarily thaw for the love of winter I did have a great time in the "great outdoors" with a huge bonfire all day, turkey stew, mussels and beer with the background of quality music and great company.

On Sunday, we went to my cousin's to celebrate a birthday (February always is a hot month for birthdays huh?) and we had a huge family dinner, and it was just a nice feeling of "togetherness" which can be hard to do sometimes in the ever so fast paced world we live in.

So thank you everyone for family love and catching busy as the weekend was, I would not trade it for anything.


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