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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love Token 50 - Leo La La Land?

My crush with Leonardo DiCaprio first started when I was about 14. I remember wallpapering my locker with countless magazine pictures of him. After the over-saturation of Titanic - the love affair died and in came Mr. Justin Timberlake at age 15 -which has never stopped btw - and the space in my guy-crush heart had no more room for Mr. DiCaprio.

Fastforward about 10 years later - and right about the time when Leo and Martin Scorsese started making movies together - the flame that I once thought was put out - was slowing gaining some heat.

The peak of this flame grew - when I realized my actions at lunch today.

I went to a convenience store to grab a pack of spearmint gum, just as I was receiving my change, my gf Vicky asked " Hey Mel, have you seen Leo on the cover of Esquire"? (I had - two days earlier - and remembered a slight flutter of my heart).

I said " OH YES I have - he is looking sooooo goood - aging like a fine wine"

Vicky and I then got lost in our fantasy of Leo for a solid two minutes in the store, and then happily left while still flying high on our Leo train.

However, I was sans gum. I got so wrapped up in Leo - that I literally dropped it out of my hand and left it on the counter to be swept away by his handsomness and fabulousness.

If this does not confirm - re-love for the man- I am not sure what does.

1 hr later - I did the walk of shame back to the store - to retrieve my gum from the lady - who witnessed this whole scenario.

If you have not checked out the Esquire cover and would love to maintain, heighten or reignite your love for Leo, then this is a must do for you - which in turn, ended up being my Love Token for the day.


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  1. Leo is in my TOP FIVE! I just love him!



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