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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Love Token 32 - Massage for a fight vs. flight

If you got 'em use 'em.

I have coverage for massages under my benefits and by golly I am planning to use them up before the end of the year.

My sympathetic nervous system gave up on me this year - lets just say I handle stress internally, even though on the outside I think everything is hunky dory.

Meanwhile, like an snippet from Osmosis Jones my insides were going bazerk this past year and inevitably a war was going on, and my adrenal glands pumped all they could until they looked at each other and said "lets get the heck out of here" hence "FLIGHT" and took a first class ticket on flight sympathetic nervous system airlines, instead of putting on the boxing gloves and "FIGHTING" it out.

Meh, it happens...and now I know my body's this past year (as you know) I have really been interested in learning the whole mind and body balance, and what your body is trying to tell you through it's actions (very interesting). I have got various perspectives from my GP, naturopath, RMT, facialist, dietician, etc., and I feel much more at least it has been a good learning experience.

Either way - the last bit of balancing myself back out will be these massages and hopefully everything will be back to normal and the universe of Melissa will be a content state of chi.

And who knows, maybe next time, I will be more prepared and the boxing gloves can go on instead...


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