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Friday, November 13, 2009

Love Token 27 - The ecstasy of the written word

It has this pull on me, I lose all forms of will power, I tell myself daily, I will not give in, I am in control of myself and no tangible object will ever take that strength away from me.

But yet the universe loves to humour me and sigh, I look to the right of my office, a second hand book store, I look to my left, a massive Chapters.


It is my endorphin, happy button, de-stresser, de-toxifying, DE - everything LOVE.

I love the feel of a bookstore, the smell of bookstore, and even if I cannot buy a book due to my depleting income... I ensure to run my fingers ever so lightly over the book covers to show my love and appreciation for the written word.

The journey, exploration, adventure, call it story, a book takes you on, is intoxicating, it pulls you in and your imagine is excercised at it's primal peak (if you allow it).

A bookstore is my safe haven, I could get eaten up by it and lost in its bookshelves for hours in complete compliance and bliss.

So once again, I pay homage to my book gods/authors who allow me to indulge in my pleasure...and revel in what is True Love.


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