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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Love Token 28 - Nana's embrace

Two Sunday's ago, my family celebrated my parents birthday at my (now) cousins home (former) grandparents house.

I love returning there, because memories of my childhood race back into my mind and I feel connected to my grandparents.

Just before the night came to an end my cousin grabbed me to show me something she came across.
We went upstairs to her bedroom and she pulled open a drawer and out came my Nana's change purse.

Flashes of memories came flooding in.

I closed my eyes and I am transported to:
  • the corner grocery store where the old italian store owner flirts with my Nana as she digs for change to buy some big green grapes
  • the used clothing store, where she carefully pulls out her bills and slowly unfolds them to make sure she hands over the correct currency (English not being her mother tongue)
  • the main grocery store, where she clicks open one side of her change purse for exact change, the other side for bills
  • me departing from her house every weekend, her pulling out a 5 dollar bill and shoving it in my hand with the fear of god pulsing through her eyes if I refuse
I am overwhelmed
I am emotional
I am happy to see it

My cousin could see it, and she gave me this touchstone that connects me to my Nana.

I love it, I touch it, I smell it... I feel connected to her spirit

The passing of this gift is priceless and I will look at my newest love token (not from me to me) but a part of my past, history, heritage to me... and I exhale and smile


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