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Friday, August 14, 2009

A "light bulb" moment

I have hopped on the band wagon...but in a slightly different manner.

I have never been the best at expressing my thoughts with the written word, so this blog will venture down a different road.

So let me begin with my thought process and why I decided to create a blog.

I am fascinated with the element of human interaction and how we connect/collide/crash in our own surroundings. That is why the concept of the internet and reality television peaks my interest for the social experiment element of it. Of course this interest is done in moderation and therefore like everything can be appreciated at a more respectable level.

So, during the past year (or so) I have really tried to gain my own mind body connection and I guess with the aspect of incorporating yoga into my life, I realized how crucial it is to respect your body and mind in all facets of life.

I am still and always will be a student of life - and this is (and will be) a continual test I put myself through...
How can I make sure I treat myself the best way possible and consciously remind my body and mind that i love "me" every day?

Now I do not say this in a "conceited" or "vain" fashion but in a realistic way. We as a society are so bombarded with the fast pace, chasing the dream and the over stimulation of all that technology provides us, that I think sometimes we all have a tendency to put ourselves last and thus tend to lose ourselves in the game of life and what we want to achieve.

Also, I am not saying I have not been loving me either, but I think it is important for everyone to make that emphasized effort to take care of yourself so you can be the best person possible and grab life by the horns and be the master of your own ship.

Therefore, I have volunteered myself as my own "lab rat" to my own experiment to see what happens when I remember to love me every day, by treating myself to little love tokens... to me...from me...

I was asked in a job interview once, "Melissa, what are your goals - what do you want to get out of your life?". Sitting there not expecting such a profound self-reflection question, I said what i honestly felt (risking it all)...

"I know this may sound cheesy, but as long as I am happy & healthy, everything else will just fall into place"

I got the job.

Before I complete this little introduction, I want to stress that these tokens of love do not or will not necessarily always be monetary, they will and can range from getting a pedicure, to walking on the sunny side of the street, to hitting that snooze button just one extra time.

Because, if you can't treat yourself with the utmost love and respect you DESERVE - how could you ever share yourself completely and truly with others?

Therefore, my self reflection and observational experiment begins... to become more aware and more in touch with making sure I am getting what I need/deserve for my health and happiness... every single day....

Welcome to
Love me


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