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Thursday, June 2, 2011

There is Beauty in the Breakdown

"There is beauty in the breakdown.

The experience is shared by many across the world

The feeling of love and loss

There is beauty in the breakdown, it will enlighten, release those bricks of self doubt on your shoulders and instil comfort.

The breakdown creates a breakthrough

To take in the experience, grow and appreciate the love shared whether long, short, healthy or toxic, there is a lesson.

To see that the breakdown while a solitude experience is alongside many other

It becomes relatable, curable and forgivable and when enough time passes understandable

You will nurture your heart and tell it that while that heartbreak hurt and over-consumed you with grief and pain there are many still waiting to cross your path.

Maybe today, maybe tomorrow or ten months from now.

To take the chance and tell your heart to expose itself once again is the vulnerability that will require strength.

It will steady you, sharpen your perception and in the end fill your heart back up

We crash and collide in this world, with much love, laughter and yet much strife and rejection

Compatibility isn’t a one stop shop, you will be compatible with many, you will love with many, but you will be compatible and in love with a few lucky ones.

Few that may stick around forever, or just for a little while, there is a reason for each that contributes to the story in your life.

And while you are in the midst of the storm, take solice in the fact...
there is beauty in the breakdown.

Your loved ones will help you put the pieces of your heart back together, first with band aids, then with stitches of love, until the pain melds into a force that was never there before.

Always release and never bottle in, always remember that this too shall pass and always remember
there is beauty in the breakdown."


Here is a little musical storyline for all the people out there who have loved and lost and carried on.

Never doubt your strength and never doubt your support systems, they are your life lines.


Joshua Radin & Patty Griffin: You Got Growin' Up To Do


Gravity: Sara Bareilles


Christina Perri: Jar of Hearts


Let Him Fly: Patty Griffin


I Found a Boy: Adele


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