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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cut & Paste Tuesdays

When I was a very little girl, every night after my father read to me I would sit on my window ledge and think of all the magic and wonder the world could offer me.

I loved this time, it peaked my imagination for days/weeks to come and assured me that my journey was just getting started and the unknown would be an exciting whirlwind adventure of my choice. 

Now looking back in hindsight, this "huge bay window" I thought I had was just a regular window, and because I was soooo tiny I could fit on the ledge, my huge room was also the size of a small walk-in closet, but I LOVED IT, kids do not notice those things.

Looking up into the sky is still a favourite past-time, day or night it lets my mind drift and soar to parts that the normal day does not usually offer.

I came across this photo yesterday and it reminded me of my nightly window gazing ritual and it made me smile.
I love dusting off old archived memories.

Another must for my future house, as for the view - well... hopeful but not required ;)


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