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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cut & Paste Tuesdays

Another walk down nostalgia lane for Cut & Paste Tuesday.
I love(d) my own private space ever since I was a little girl.
I relished in making forts/tents out of blankets, chairs and to weigh it down with the heaviest books I could find.
Whenever I would have a sleepover I had the opportunity to share my fort designs - and no matter how many times the blankets pulled and the books fell onto our little heads - we loved it.
It was "our" space
I was so obsessed with this little ritual that probably for the sake of reducing brain damage my sister bought me a tent for my 9th birthday to set up indoors/outdoors at my pleasing...
I ... loved it....
Do you remember your private little get-aways?
Was it a playhouse, treehouse, fort, tent...and weren't they just THE BEST!

Enjoy :)


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