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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Relief That Sighed

Fate has peculiar timing

When it is deemed to be yours or another’s

In less than a moment

A life can change

What seems routine today can be oblivious tomorrow

The present is a strange paradox of how you live, how you ought to live and how change can stake a fork in the road

One brief second

In one instant

Certain uncontrollable obstacles in place

To determine your fate …or mine

What was once mine, could have been no longer

What once was, could have been a past already being written

Life is kind, life is cruel, life is real

Life will pass you by if you let it

Take comfort in the inevitable

Like sand slipping through fingers, the chips will fall where they may

One gasping breath and the uncharted destination of the exhale

Enjoy now

Take solace in the confirmations of yesterday in all its bitter sweetness and realize tomorrow is undoubtedly unknown

As this is the dice we roll in the game of life

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