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Friday, May 6, 2011

Love Token 93 - I Am Not My Hair

I have never had a personal attachment to my hair.

Do not get me wrong, I love having nice looking hair but I have never been a "one-look" or what "suits me best type of girl".

I guess what I am saying, is that for some it can be a security blanket but for me it is not.

I like to experiment, try new things out and see what could look better and sometimes worse.

Risk and all.

As young as I can remember I have been doing my own hair, which I think my mom loved, less work for her.

I loved putting my hair in different updos, braids and accessories.
I enjoyed the versatility and creativity that hair let me have.

Up until the time I was about 7 or 8, my life long goal was to:
Go to Harvard and become the best hairdresser in the entire world
I ... loved .... hair.

In my young mind whatever you wanted to excel at (no matter the profession), you went to Harvard - duh!

As I grew up, my passion for hair never ceased but became more of a hobby due to a horrible life lesson in grade 8  that unfolded - and as great as I was at perhaps styling - cutting was not, nor ever would be my ahem "forte".

I have been pretty good to my hair over the past 5 years, little to no colour and getting regular trims...but the itch has surfaced and my boredom has led me to a lighter hue (for now) and lately I feel I want to chop it all off.

I am going to wait until post 30th birthday, but the time is coming.

I am not the girl who cries when locks fall on the floor of the salon, I actually take a huge sigh of relief, it is like shedding a coat for me.

It triggers change, revitalizes my energy source and is a great rush.

Some people jump out of planes, I just change my hair.

I have NO idea how this is going to look, this could end up being a great look or a lesson learned but thankfully my hair grows SUPER fast.

Of course the style I have been mulling around is now gaining steam it seems in hollywood but I still want to hold out until summer regardless.
Who knows I might even do a drastic colour change.

It is all about having fun, still looking classy and getting a cut that shapes and compliments your features but not being afraid to take that leap.

I am headin into a new decade in my life, so now is the time.

My love token today is embracing "Letting Go"

Wish me luck, because I may need it ;)


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