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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love Token 94: Young Love

"When I was young...I met this beautiful girl by the lake"
-What Dreams May Come

Do you remember your first young love (I mean reallll young)?

Mine was when I was 3 years old, we met in kinder-gymnastics class, he was older (1 year) and his name was *sigh* Max.

Seeing young love is so cute, it brings out the fairy tale romantics in us - that you can find your soul mate when you are young, it is just a matter of how early your paths cross.

What Dreams May Come is my all time favourite movie and it touches on the themes of young love, soul mates, the quest for love,  etc.

Anywhoo, I stumbled across this feel good "young love" video via TP's blog and it reminded me of my own young love and it made me smile....even though Max dumped me a few days later by sticking his tongue at me - ah well.

But before we grow up and face all the drama, the heart ache, the break-ups the rocky roads, there is well....


Enjoy taking a walk down memory lane - or just ENJOY!


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