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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love Token 89: Birthday Road Trip To Tofino

Dear readers, 

Please excuse my latest absence, so much love to share and just not enough time to get into the headspace of entering on my page. 

So let me rewind a couple weeks back and share the incredible, relaxing, candy for the soul, b-day trip for the hub. 

I cannot speak in detail about the hub's experience as his was slightly different and entailed much surf...but I can say he was super happy and loved it as much as I did.

Mine however composed of a quaint little cabin - surrounded by lush, rainforest-esque nature. 
Included in this little cabin were 

  1. A few of my dearest loved ones
  2. Lots of giggles
  3. Many of dance parties 
  4. Zennin' out in the hot tub
  5. More giggles
  6. Heart to heart chats
  7. Connection, togetherness and love. 

It was a beautiful weekend in Tofino, surrounded by nature at it's finest. 
Our hot tub was on the back deck and surrounded by beauty - it is so hard to describe that you kind of just had to be there, in that moment and that state of mind. 
But let me tell you - the heart was very happy. 
And really that is all that matters


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