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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love Token 88: Lunch Time Distractions

I was milling around on my Facebook page and being advised to update some settings, which led me to an application that I used in 2007 for celebrity look-a-likes.

To me the app was completely off but SUPER funny and also F-U-N.

Curious to see what it would pull out 4 years later I did it again and there are still some celebs this website is determined I look like (Kirsten and Martine) but some that I have grown out of (which I am kinda glad!).

I love mindless escapes like this every now and then and a good giggle.

PS - I WISH I looked like Vanessa Marcil (some of you are familiar with my thoughts on this chica!) so thanks My Heritage Website for a little pick me up on a typical Thursday at work! 

Try it out for fun!


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