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Friday, September 3, 2010

Love Token 73 - Amore La Musique

To be quite honest, after being so absorbed with putting together the wedding music playlists down to an exact sequential science, for the first time I was acks sick of music! I was bored --- heard the same songs too many times, that silence was golden...but then like a breath of fresh air, in a two week window time span, music wooed me back into the love affiar I have always had with it and I have fallen in love with two new artists.

That is the great thing about music, it is always changing the game, the dynamic, if you do a little digging and really throw yourself out there to experience it all.

Whether it is Kanye West reminding us of the good life or David Grey proclaiming about the One he Love's or the always wonderful feeling that John Mayer provides when he explains the moment of free falling and when Priscilla Ahn tells us about a dream she had... it all is magical, fun, different and striking to the emotions.

A couple weeks ago I was at the John Mayer concert and was lucky enough to stay for the after party. The artist that was playing at the after party a la rooftop was the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in quite sometime....hello JUSTIN NOZUKA - this guy was amazing live and he literally put me into a trance. So this is a love token that I was able to give myself but really it is also a must do for you to check out. He has a combination of Justin Timberlake swag with the melodic beauty of Jason Mraz. High 5!

The following week I was provided the opportunity to go see a band at Dakota Tavern (great west-end T.O bar). The band was described to me as 3 swedish sisters who have a Dixie Chicks vibe that are a self-proclaimed "kill-billy" "mad-country" genre. As an avid fan of the Dixie Chicks I was very intrigued and to see them in such an intimate setting and I was really looking forward to it.

These girls KILLED it - their vocal range, enthusiasm, energy and raw musical talent on their instruments was efffing astounding. They are called Baskery and if you ever hear they are in town - check them out. Their album is not yet released in Canada so keep your eyes and ears peeled. Another love token that is a must do for you!

So thank you Justin Nozuka and Baskery for re-igniting my music love flame and providing me with a fresh breath of melodic lyrical air.


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