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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Power of Vulnerability

Ok, ok ok....

It has been stupid long since I last posted.
Marriage, Honeymoon, Moving Across the Country ...starting a new life and new unknown and now I am JUST starting to feel settled.
What a whirlwind of months it has been.

I am dedicated to this blog to the concept and now that my feet are more grounded - it will return as a self-reflection tool and a mind, body soul experience once again.

To kick things off - I stumbled across this TED talks video via Tristan Prettyman's SUPER awesome blog - she added a visual to it at the end of her blog that I LOVE.

Tristan Prettyman rocks - as she should since she will be marrying Jason Mraz one day.

The perfect collison of two souls united.

Here is the pic - let it inspire, and open up a part of you that you may have not paid attention to in the last little while.

As well here is the link of the video that this image refers to:



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