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Friday, September 3, 2010

Love Token 72 - I DID

Well I am back, but almost 2 months later!

This summer has been a whirlwind of occasions... but oh so amazing.

The wedding went great, the best love token is being surrounded by friends, family and pure genuine love and the rest is just background noise... so the wedding was a great success and very moving experience.

Matt and I then hopped on a plane to pay a visit to the beautiful country of Greece.

Greece was incredible. To visit a land with so much history is such a valued experience. The beauty of Greece is something I am glad we were able to conquer. Minus the current government state, the essence, the culture and the pace of Greece is something I truly respect. Our honeymoon was a blissful 2 weeks, that did not go too fast or too slow ...but juuust right.

As if all this wasn't enough on our plate, Matt and I have decided to uproot and trek out to Victoria, BC. You only go around once so sometimes you need to just jump in and explore.

We are looking forward to the drive out across Canada and seeing what this country looks like beyond the border of Ontario.

So that is the update, I wed, I mooned and I am now uprooting - all 3 great and exciting things to add a wonderful element to my life.


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