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Monday, March 15, 2010

Love Token 55 - Nono's embrace

I have a confession...

I love carnations...

Somewhere down the line there became this mentality that carnations are the lesser flower, the "cheap" flower, the funeral parlor flower - but to me they are quite the opposite. 

I love their smell, I love how they can fill up a vase quite beautifully and give a full rounded look and I love the memories they give me...

When I was a child, every weekend I would go stay with my maternal grandparents (otherwise known as Nono & Nana). 

My Nono was hilarious, even though we were separated by language, the essence of love and the vast capacity that gestures and expression can bring is what created our relationship. 

My relationship with my Nono was laughter - we would sit at his kitchen table for hours and just giggle, to me it was amazing. 

My Nono was an amazing gentleman who came from Italy and was the most charming sweet man (with a prankster side to him) that came out in a pure and genuine manner. 

No matter what, before I left my grandparents house, my Nono would be sure to break off a carnation from his garden (usually red ones) and give me one as a parting gift. 

It was a gesture I took for granted as a child but now every time I walk by carnations, I think of him - his spirit lives through that flower and those memories. 

Today the weather was pretty good for March, on my way home I wanted to check out what flowers were on sale at Loblaws. 

I had quite the choice from gerber daisies to roses that were on sale 3 for $25, but I was drawn to the carnations, I bought 3 bundles in cream, white and yellow. 

I came home and covered my house in carnations and I was overflowed with happy memories and emotion. 

Today I am embraced by the love my Nono gave to me during his lifetime and I have surrounded myself in his weekly love token to me throughout my childhood once again.


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