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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love Token 54 - Be Present


It has been 17 days since my last post - that is just plain awful. This blog is supposed to embrace self-awareness - and I got lost in the fast paced lane of life.

I have been a busy bee, with work, social life and hobbies - that in the last 2 weeks I have been kinda running on auto-pilot where the days and the details of them become a blur.

So my love token today - Be Present - embrace "mindfulness"

Mindfulness plays a central role in the teaching of Buddist meditation - described as "calm awareness of one's body functions, feelings, content of consciousness, or consciousness itself"

While I do not have the patience "yet" to practice daily meditation, I can appreciate this concept - and get back into this moment, today...

So here is to mindfulness, to being present to embracing "now"


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