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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Love Token 92: Skylight Divine

obtained via: gettyimages

Last night I was laying in my shavasna (final relaxation) pose at the end of my hot yoga class.
Right above me was the studio's skylight
Usually you are supposed to close your eyes and enter into a state of pure relaxation (some people have even been known to fall asleep)...but yesterday I decided to change it up and experience my eyes wide open staring and the beautiful blue sky with light smears of cloud.

My mind raced back to my childhood, when I would run up the hill in my elementary school yard, stretch out  on the greenest patch of grass and just admire the sky and let my thoughts and daydreams take over.

I forgot how peaceful it can feel and how it can really evoke an emotion of being content.

I loved being reminded of that feeling last night
I love skylights (a must for my future house)

PS: I am currently on the hunt for a lush piece of grass for a blue sky kind of day, and I am looking forward to the experience already!



  1. Windsor park - right beside me - wonderful spot to lay and I may even join you!

  2. There's a park in Oak Bay that is awesome. Behind Dover street. It's small, but I would lie there all the time and just think 'what the 'f' am I going to do with my life'.

  3. What a way to go back to memory lane! Well, the sky reminds me of many things too. A momentary glance at the vast expanse of the calming blue atmosphere makes me feel calm and at peace even for a second.

  4. Daydreaming while staring at the clear blue skies, now that’s what I call luxury! I still do that whenever I feel so lost, and it never fails to comfort me.



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