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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love Token 91: How Do You Greet Your Day?

I greet my day with the appreciation of the following:

An exhale
The ability to flutter my eyes and see the freshness a new day can bring
The stretch of my body from fingertips to toes
A sloppy kiss from my dog, a carefully executed kiss from my cat and a look of love from my other half
The comfort of a bed with cozy blankets
The security of having four walls to shelter me
The smell of fresh coffee being brewed
The sound of birds chirping
The senstation of my body slowly awakening
To take solice in the fact that life is trial and error and humanity is faulted but self-awareness and resolution can provide peace and movement.
The ability to be present, to live & love now
To memory bank yesterday, invest in today and put a deposit in for tomorrow
To think of all my loved ones with a smile and appreciation 
To allow nothing to anchor me in the past but to only help shape my future.
To live with intention and feel ALIVE.

Image obtained via: Ice Cream Is Better With A Fork

Et tu?

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