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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Curse of being TOO critical in the Big Smoke

Maybe my patience has run out for the critical, judgmental and "all too knowing" individual's out there, or maybe I am just noticing more that people feel this false sense of entitlement to be so critical and judgmental towards others.

I support opinions and points of views, but personal distaste and dislike for a person who is inflicting no harm on themselves or others, but just views things through a slightly different "looking glass" is just plain shameful.

Now maybe I am being critical and judgmental (or ahem preachy)of these people, but I get this sense that Torontonians esp. Downtowners have this urge to try so hard to be something, anything, call it different, that instead of genuinely enjoying these qualities in others (which should be organic in nature), come out in a green eyed monster type of play.

Critisicm is good when it is constructive and meant to better a person you care about, criticism to display hurt out of jealousy or dislike, is not an admirable quality.

Love one another (the best you can), appreciate the differences, if something bothers you confront those issues, but realize not everyone in this world is going to agree with your point of view or even believe in it...and guess what?

That is okay.


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