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Monday, September 21, 2009

Love Token 15 - Love and Respect thy wallet

So the weekend of September 11/12/13th. I decided to not beat up my wallet anymore and stay in - catch up on my soap, do some laundry -- hang out with the animal kingdom and veg.

In the past 2 weeks I celebrated my annual holiday of "fall shopping", it is part of my belief system that you weed out your closet - pass those old and over used clothes to Good Will and fill your closet up with a few new trinkets .. just a few... plus it lets you realize clothes you already have that you forgot about.

Every fall I change the order of my closet - where things are positioned and lined up - so it makes me feel like my "whole" closet is new and fresh and fun ... that's what a girl on a budget who is paying down debt has to do...

But, I was happy with my "new closet" and some trinket fashion gems I picked up and let my wallet take a nap for the weekend... because really if my wallet had a nervous breakdown... I would be screwed...

Love thy wallet
Honour thy "real $" amount in your bank account
Respect the mantra of moderation


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