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Monday, September 21, 2009

Love Token 13 - Bloor West Village

My optimism - grew (slightly) for my current residence called "T.O", I entered new territory on Tuesday, September 8th 2009. I ventured to Bloor West Village.

Bloor West Village is amazing, a great vibe and I was still coasting from my Vit. D intake from the cottage - so lets just say "happy was the state of mind".

Bouncing from coffee shops, to stationary stores, to clothing stores, I enjoyed my me time and relished in a part of the city I have never been too.

Which is great about this city, it can always be full of surpises and you really can't be bored.

Bloor West Village reminded me a bit of gastown out west with a coolangatta oz vibe, if you will.

I am def. adding it to my list of fav. spots on the city.

  1. College West/Queen West
  2. The Beaches
  3. Bloor West Village

I will relish in what this city has to offer while I am still here....



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